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Community Health Development

Thirty remote mountain communities in the Lago de Yojoa area are chosen to participate in the Community Health Development Program.  They each must meet criteria such as  how far they are from a health care facility, lack of safe water or sanitary systems, whether they have been served by other aid organizations, and safe access.  All communities must demonstrate a commitment to participating in health education and agree to a formal partnership.


Mountain Medical Teams

Communities receive general health care from medical teams twice a year, including general check ups, vision and dental care, vitamin distribution, fluoride, and anti-parasite treatments, and referrals to other FOB services.


In exchange for medical treatment received, communities participate in health related training and educational workshops on nutrition, reproductive health, hygiene, and malaria prevention.  A health committee is established in each village to promote the program, and a health volunteer is identified, trained, and equipped to act in this role.

Due to COVID 19, we have had to pause sending Mountain Medical Teams, but we are planning to resume sending teams in 2022.

COVID Hygiene Kits

Unfortunately, it could be a very long time before our communities have access to the COVID vaccine.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, our medical staff in Honduras has provided weekly education via WhatsApp to our communities.  Topics have spanned various pubic health topics including COVID prevention and how to make homemade face masks and hand sanitizer.  Our staff has also distributed COVID Hygiene Kits to each family of our 30 partner communities, 2,770 in all.  These Kits include reusable facial masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, and an educational pamphlet on COVID prevention.  A second distribution of COVID Hygiene Kits will take place in August of 2021.  If you would like to help sew facial masks for the next kit distribution click here.


Barnabas Medicine Box Project

Six communities currently have health volunteers trained in basic first aid and self care support, giving them the necessary skills to manage the use of a Barnabas Medicine Box.  In addition to medications, each box comes with a disease and treatment manual. Tele-medicine support by FOB medical staff is offered when needed.  Supported through weekly consultations by FOB's medical staff, this box will allow community members access to primary medical treatments.  Two new communities will be added to this project in June 2021.  To learn more about how to support a medicine box click here.    


Since the year 2000...


patient encounters receiving free

health care

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vision exams


pediatric eye screenings


patients receiving free dental care


volunteers have traveled to Honduras with Friends of Barnabas


life saving or life changing surgeries  performed


fluoride treatments

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