Mission Teams

Friends of Barnabas sends several types of volunteer teams to Honduras including Mountain Medical Teams, Education Teams, Early Childhood Development Teams, Rotary Teams, and a Maintenance Team.

Mountain Medical Teams

Each year, Friends of Barnabas sends up to 12 Mountain Medical Mission Teams to Honduras.  FOB staff members in Honduras select communities in need and travel to clinic sites weeks ahead of the team to notify community leaders of the date of the team’s arrival and of their services.  The teams travel throughout the impoverished departments of central Honduras and serve between 1,500 and 2,000 people in through their traveling clinics each month.


FOB Mountain Medical Mission Teams provide primary and preventative healthcare.  They set up anti-parasite & vitamin stations as well as general medicine, eye, and dental clinics in small schools and churches. 


Each team is comprised of 4-5 medical professionals, 2-3 Spanish speakers, and non-medical volunteers with willing hearts and hands.  Teams work side by side with FOB staff members in Honduras and are a key component to the model of healthcare we are striving to promote.

Early Childhood Development Teams

Volunteers can participate in educational conferences for the Honduran medical community.  They can work with patients and parents with special developmental needs.  They may also provide ongoing education and support for community leadership. 

Education Teams

Volunteers with specialized backgrounds and experience provide continuing education for our staff as well as community leaders and midwives.

Rotary Teams

Rotarians are provided with an opportunity to see how Rotary Projects and Friends Of Barnabas are changing lives in Honduras.  During this trip Rotarians will visit the FOB facilities, The Little Hearts Project at Ruth Paz Hospital, one of the mountain villages that FOB serves, and they will meet with fellow Rotarians from Honduras.


For more information, please contact Erin Caldwell, erin@fobf.org.

If you have an interest in a specific team, please review the following information:

  • Immunizations & Prophylaxis:  It is each volunteer's decision whether to take malaria medication and/or obtain vaccines prior to arrival in Honduras, and we recommend that they consult with their primary care physician to advise them thoroughly on these options.  There has been a recent case of measles in Guatemala, so if you have not had both MMR vaccines the Heath Department suggests you get those before traveling to Honduras.  If you do not know if you have had the MMR vaccines, you can have a titer drawn to check your immunity levels.  The Center for Disease Control's vaccination recommendations for traveling to Honduras can be found here.

  • Passports: Passports need 6 months validity from the return date to the US.  Start the process of renewal early, if needed.

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